Providing Financial Security and Enriching Lives Through Faith, Service and Culture
Polish National Union of America A Fraternal Benefit Society
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Newborn Child Benefit This benefit covers a newborn child of a member through the first six months at no cost.
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The PNU Provides Education & Youth Stipends The PNU supports the educational funding in a number of ways for higher education. Some of the support are book stipends up to $700 to eligible student members. A $500 scholarship to eligible members of the Spojnia Credit Union.
Christian Endeavors The PNU is closely aligned with the Polish National Catholic Church. Some of these endeavors have a direct impact on parishes of the PNCC. Donations to parishes for anniversaries Fund-Raiser Challenges Direct Matching
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Activities Benefit The PNU sponsors a number of organized activities to the membership sometimes at a significant discount.
Personal Finance Benefit The PNU has an array of financial offerings to assist its members. The PNU offers annuities and mortgage loans to further the financial well being of its members. For mortgage information contact the Home Office at 570-344-1513. The PNU is also aligned directly with the Spojnia Credit Union
Life Insurance Benefit This benefit is available to cover the cost of a deceased members burial and remaining debt.  It is paid in a lump sum. Death benefit in excess of burial expenses and debt can assist in funding a child’s education, providing income to the remaining family members, and to preserve assets depending on the size of the estate
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