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Providing Financial Security and Enriching Lives Through Faith, Service and Culture
Polish National Union of America A Fraternal Benefit Society
Single Premium Life General Information Minimum face amount is $5,000. Note: A medical examination may be required. Guidelines   Minimum face amounts have been set. The Polish National Union of America will issue the certificate from the age of zero through seventy. Each suggested minimum face amount will have a premium that is payable one time only. The value of the certificate grows each year from interest earned by the company on its investments. When applying for the Single Premium Plan, a medical examination may be required.
Annual Premium Rates per $1,000 Based upon the 2001 CSO Male and Female Mortality Tables Base upon Age at Last Birthday Single Premium Life
Minmium policy sold is $5,000. There is no maximum, An annual certificate fee of $30 is added to the total premium.