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Polish National Union of America A Fraternal Benefit Society
PNU Privacy Policy PNU is a member driven society that is highly dependent upon each member's confidence in its purpose. One of the most essential elements of the member-society relationship is privacy. Privacy is and has always been the number one priority of the society. In keeping with this tradition this notice is intended to inform you about the information the society collects in the process of providing insurance services and member benefits. Nonpublic personal information is defined as information about members that the society obtains in connection with providing an insurance or annuity product to a person. Nonpublic personal information includes amounts of insurance, premium payments, and beneficiary designations. Information collected by the society During the many processes of application for insurance coverage or benefit claims the society may collect non- public personal information about the applicant from the following sources. A. Information submitted by the applicant in application for membership, insurance coverage, and claims. B. Information submitted by the applicant in documents associated with the many fraternal programs established by the society. Examples include scholarship programs and stipends. C. Information received by the society for underwriting processes. This information is generally obtained from sources such as personal medical records, society required exams, and other third party consumer reporting agencies. Information disclosed by the society: The society is permitted by law to disclose nonpublic personal information to nonaffiliated third parties that assist in the processing of data and the servicing of accounting records for the purpose of carrying out our main business. The society is also obligated to disclose this information to government entities during periodic mandatory audits. There are certain third party affiliates associated with PNU with which nonpublic personal information is shared from time to time. This is done in order to provide additional benefits to members. These third parties include The Polish Weekly Straz, Spojnia Credit Union, Spojnia Inc. Fraternal Activities Committee, and the Education and Youth Committee. The society does not disclose and nonpublic personal information about any member to any other third party except as permitted by law. Information shared is derived is derived from that which is collected during the many application processes administered by the society as described in the section above entitled "Information collected by the society". Procedures for the preservation of members privacy As a fraternal benefit society, PNU has held membership privacy as its highest priority since the start of business in 1908. Since then many procedures and safeguards have been developed in implemented to ensure that this priority be maintained. Among them are: 1. Training of personnel regarding the recognition of nonpublic personal information and proper authorization for release of that information. 2. Limiting record access to only those home office employees who are working with any member's files. 3. Requiring that all requests for information be signed in original with a proper witness. 4. Establishment of board policy requiring the immediate dismissal of any employee who divulges nonpublic personal information without proper authorization. 5. Establishment of policy restricting the distribution of nonpublic personal information to only third parties to whom such distribution is permitted under law. Member's nonpublic personal information is protected by board policy regarding all information as private and therefore not for sale to or for use by any nonaffiliated third parties. This policy extends to all persons formerly insured by the society and who no longer have a customer relationship with the society. Any and all information within our insurance files will always be available for modification, correction, or change when appropriate and through appropriate procedures. Any member or customer of the society may elect to restrict the sharing of information with affiliated third parties. To do this it is necessary to notify the home office of the society in writing. Any information gathered as the result of visiting this web site is considered to be private and is not shared with or sold to any nonaffiliated third party.   If you have any questions you can:   E-Mail us   Request information   Call the offices of the Polish National Union of America toll-free at 1-800-724-6352
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