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Providing Financial Security and Enriching Lives Through Faith, Service and Culture
Polish National Union of America A Fraternal Benefit Society
The PNU prides itself on the Christian endeavors that they participate in: Close ties with the Polish National Catholic Church Many non-tangible benefits provided through the support of the Christian Endeavors undertaken by the church on a national and local level. Members indirectly benefit from it. Funds contributed to the parishes of the PNCC help to alleviate operational expenses which translate to keeping membership dues at present levels or reducing increases that may be necessary. Donations o The PNU supports the parishes of the PNCC through donations in various forms including anniversary gifts, ad book participation, and matching funds programs such as the Fund-Raiser Challenge. Clergy Benefit Programs o Clergy Insurance Program o Clergy Annuity Program Financing o Available for the construction, growth and renovations associated with the parish buildings. o Availability of funds which in some cases cannot be obtained through regular financial institutions. o Flexibility allows for the reconfiguring of loan payments, or easily composing loan modifications. o Partnership with the SCU serves as an additional primary source of financing as well.